Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Forgive and Forget

Hi! I feel like using a random color. I closed my eyes and picked, and it was purple. Anyway, here’s the point of this blog post. Today at school someone was passing out a piece of cookie and accidentally gave me some. I was about to say, “sorry, I can’t really eat that, but thanks,” (as everyone in that type of situation would) but then another person (I can’t name them, not that you would really care, considering you probably wouldn’t know them either way) reached over and grabbed it, and said very loudly, rubbing it in, (though I think they just meant to be funny, or something like that, I don’t know, I’m not a mind reader. But don’t get me wrong, they can be really fun, and hilarious, so they didn’t mean it to be rude or anything) “I’LL TAKE IT!” Ok maybe that’s too loud. More like this: “I’ll take it!” Yeah, that’s about as loud. Anyway, the person who gave it to me kept apologizing (another annoying thing, although it was nice to hear they sounded like they meant it). Oh well, forgive and forget. Tomorrow I won’t be mad anymore. Only one more thing left.


Monday, October 15, 2012

Being Full\ awesome vs ausome

Hi again! So, this is really annoying. You know how when you're full, your stomach slightly hurts? Well,  whenever I'm full, I can't help but think I'm having a stomach ache.   :|     I guess I just have to get used to the feeling. Anyway, you know how it's SUPER annoying when people ask you if this is GF, and that is GF, and you really want them to stop talking about it? {Of course you do} and so do I. So, I've decided that from now on, I don't say GF, {gluten free} I say ausome. It is pronounced exactly like awesome, but is totally different. If something is not gluten free, I say that it's not ausome. If it is gluten free, it is ausome. Just to make that clear. Anyway, I guess this is slightly short, but hey, there are  two things I said in it. And besides, I'm probably wasting your time right now, so, bye!

Thursday, September 27, 2012

I'm Not Just A Computer

Hi! I have a feeling you know how it feels to have everyone saying, "Hey, can you eat this?" or "Hey is this gluten free?" or "I'm so sorry!" but knowing that they are really just saying that to say it, but they seriously don't care just to step into your shoes for a second and say to themselves "oh, actually, I am sorry."

Don't  you find it so annoying when one percent of the word's population, not even just plain being gluten free but one percent of the world has celiac disease and you cant seem to find anyone?! It's as though all the people who understand you are all crammed into one tiny space and you're all alone?!

I started this blog when I was six years old to find a friend. a kid, who would understand me completely. I never found such a kid, but I know how it feels to be different. to feel left out at birthday parties and class celebrations.

I want you to know that I'm not just a computer, telling you what's yummy. I'm a kid out there, a gluten free kid, and I may not be close to you but I'm out there, and I know how you feel. I'm not going to sit here and be sorry for myself, I'm going to remember what the two months after I went gluten free were like, and I'm going to help someone get over it. I don't even mind if I don't get anyone writing back to me, I want people to hear me say this.


Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Cupcake Wars (again)

Hi! A few nights ago I watched cupcake wars champions, and a gluten free lady ALMOST WON! She went out on the final round. But she made it to the champions, so thats good. Even more, actually. The final round on the champions! That's about as close as you can to winning without actually winning. My mom said that the recipes would go onto their new app, and gluten free is still considered different, (even though 1 out of 133 people have it) and they wouldn't want something "different" on the app. That is unfair.

Saturday, May 26, 2012


Sharing food at school can be SUPER tricky. So here are some tips:
First, let's say you want to give someone a piece of your gluten -free cookie. Don't let them break off a piece themselves, break it off for them and drop it in their hand. If they want to give something to you, ( for example a piece of fruit, )  then put your hand into the bag and make sure that no one who had touched gluten had put their hand into the bag before you did. If you need help with something ( for example you need help poking a hole in your juice box for your straw to fit in, ) then ask someone who had NOT  touched gluten to help you. Follow these tips, and you won't have to worry about sharing food at school.

Monday, March 5, 2012

Cupcake Wars

Have you ever seen a show called Cupcake Wars? It is a show about a bunch of cupcake bakers that compete to win $10,000 and have a display full of their cupcakes shown at a festival, party, or whatever but it's always a surprise. Anyway, I watched one that was all vegan and they chose all vegan bakers to compete because the winner's cupcakes would be shown at the spring festival. But one of the competitors was vegan and gluten free! Her name was Liela, and she almost won. She went out in the 2nd round and a girl named Stephanie won. But Leila came very close, so I am still happy. If you would like to watch this show, it is on the Food Network.

Monday, February 20, 2012

Arriety + Nasty Muffins

Today I went to see "The Secret World of Arriety" and I think it was really good because it was seeing the world from another point of view. It's about a girl who is really really small and her parents who live under a family's house in a pile of bricks that might look hollow but secretly isn't. The little people under there take only the things that we wouldn't really miss. Like a tissue or a sugar cube or a leaf. But they would only take the things they need. However when someone sees a Borrower, one of them, they have to leave. Because they cannot be seen. They think it is a dangerous. So when a boy who is staying his aunt's house spots Arriety, even though they make friends, they are forced to leave.

I've always wanted to be tiny. But now I don't want to because it seems scary. It reminded me of "Totoro and "Ponyo" because both those movies all look like they were drawn the same way. All of the animals in those movies are both cute and somewhat scary at the same time. It sort of makes me think if something not up close really looks like that in real life. Because animals are usually really cute and you don't think of them as scary because you're bigger than them. But if they're bigger than you would it be that scary?

After the movie, my mom went to the green market and got a gluten-free and vegan muffin, and we tried it after we got home. I literally spit it out into the garbage which I don't usually do because I usually eat any muffin I get chance to because, well, it's a muffin, and I like muffins. But this one was absolutely terrible. It reminded me of iron pills I take every other night. It also reminded me of sand. I think it's sort of funny because every treat I tried so far that's gluten free and vegan I haven't really liked. I don't think people who make muffins like that should sell them. If they think it tastes good they should get someone else's opinion before selling it. I wonder how many people feel like their $7 have been wasted. I bet we're not the only ones. That is why I think you should not get any muffins that are gluten-free and vegan from the greenmarket.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

The Delicious Restaurant

Sorry I haven't written in a while. But recently I went to the Pan American which is a restaurant in Manhattan in Nolita, and it serves gluten free food that is delicious! We sat in a booth in the back that was squishy. When we sat down we ordered our things and the chef came out to meet us. When we got our food, I tried the mac and cheese that I ordered and I think that it was the best in the world! It looked very cheesy.

After that we went to Pinkberry which is another gluten free place that sells frozen yogurt across the street from the Pan American. They had a delicious flavor which was peppermint, and it sort of tastes like snow with cream and mint. But they only had it in December! Other flavors are chocolate, peanut butter, mango, pomegranate and plain, [which I don't recommend.] And that is all I can remember. But there might be more. After that we went to the playground, which is across the street from Pinkberry. I thought it was really really fun. And that is why I recommend Pinkberry and Pan American.