Monday, July 7, 2014

Italy/ Evil Disney

I'm leaving for Italy tomorrow, and was VERY nervous about food until I found out these really awesome yet surprising facts.

1- Every kid gets tested for Celiac in kindergarten.
2- Pharmacies are REQUIRED to carry gluten free food.
3- The government gives you a little extra money every month to buy gluten free food.
4- Schools must have gluten free lunch options.

So, learning this, I am beginning to wonder what the Italians would think of Disney channel's Jessie episode when the little annoying boy Steward has Celiac disease and is laughed at ON THE SHOW. After many people got angry, Disney channel deleted some scenes and put it back. Though, some parts are borderline rude.
There is another blog that has more information on this episode, including the deleted scenes. I will include the link below:
Note: Read everything below, too.

Regular Smoothies

Today my mom and I went into a smoothie place to see if I could have one.

My mom asked if they were gluten free, and received a quizzical look from the lady at the counter as she said 'It's just regular."

We left.

Oh well.

Evil Article

I decided to recently start this blog up again.
Recently there was an article in the Washington Post about gluten free. Normally, that would be good publicity, but, it wasn't a very positive article. They made fun of the gluten free dieters who think it is healthy. They said that companies are making gluten free options just to make a larger profit. (which might be SOME of what is going on, but, still). A lady made fun of gluten free foods on a show claiming they tasted "like cardboard". The lady also said that "If you are going to send a gift, let it be enjoyable." Well, ma'am, it's hard to make anything enjoyable with you on this earth.
Here's the link below:\