Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Mama Mondays -uh, Tuesday

We forgot yesterday -- had too much Memorial Day relaxing...

But wanted to link in the gluten-free cones The Kid mentioned in her post today:

Let's Do Gluten Free Ice Cream Cones which we get at Whole Foods but they also have on Amazon.com

And also, we wanted to thank The K5 for their super nice mention this week!

Happy week!

Ice Cream Truck

Ice-cream is yummy. ESPECIALLY from the truck. When it's hot out after school ice cream from the ice cream truck would be a nice treat. Too bad you can't have the cone. And I don't know what's in the ice cream. The good thing is that the Firecracker Popsicle is gluten-free. But you have to have one of your parents check to make sure. Because they can change the recipe if they want to.

You might get a little upset when you see other kids having ice cream on a cone. But that doesn't mean there aren't gluten free cones. They don't have them at the ice cream truck. But you can get them at Whole Foods. They taste just like regular cones.