Monday, June 13, 2011

Ice Cream Truck Part 2

I just found out that there are more things on the ice cream truck that can be gluten free. There are Scribblers and Rainbow Pops. They're really good. And now I don't have to be jealous when I see a humongous line in front of the ice cream truck. I just don't like it when my mom says the line is too long. I feel like the popsicles are gluten-free for no reason. I wonder where else we could get them and if there is another place we could get them.

Next I would like to tell the ice cream man as there is actually such thing as gluten free popsicles and gluten free ice cream cones. Maybe that would work. Maybe they could also start selling Haagen Daz bars.

I wish everything in the world were gluten free. That would be totally freaking awesome.

I remember what the ice cream on the ice cream truck tasted like. It was yummy. But at other stores you can get ice cream that tastes just as good. You can get the ice cream at Fine Fare. Or Whole Foods. Speaking of Whole Foods they make the best cupcakes ever, besides Tu-lu's and my mom.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

My Thumb Sucks

The orthodontist suggested this gross liquid for my mouth. Why can't it have gluten in it? Even thought it's true that I really don't want this jail in my mouth that would keep me from eating popcorn and gum (can you imagine no popcorn or gum?), I just wish that I magic wand to make all of it go away.

When my orthodontist suggested it to me, I crossed my fingers that it wasn't gluten free. I usually do that when I want something to come true. But it never really works. I need a new something to do when I want something to come true. Have any ideas?

This is only my first day on the liquid, and it tastes really bitter. It reminds me of nail polish. Sour, and it spreads in your mouth. It's 5:43 pm and I still can't get it off. I'm going to try to get it off the way you get nail polish off. I really hope that works.