Sunday, March 6, 2011

letter from Tu-lu's

Awhile ago I sent a letter to tu-lu's tell them how good their bakery is. Tu-lu's is my favorite gluten-free bakery I've ever been to. One of my good friends had given a card to me and we went there. That's how we found out about it.

It's a small bakery with trees, cupcakes, pink dots and an owl sticker on the wall. When I walk in, it makes me feel like I'm in a bright forest but there are all these treats around me. When I sent the letter I didn't get a response for a long time. Then, I went to the bakery again and we figured out that they did write me back but it got sent back in the mail.

That's how we met Tully. She opened tu-lu's because she has celiac disease too. I also sent her stickers and she sent me a tu-lu's bakery card. I"m going to bring it next time I go there. Their foods taste just like regular treats with wheat and things in them. But they're gluten-free. Even treats that I don't really like, like oatmeal raison cookies, I still like at tu-lu's. Last time we went we got four mint chocolate chip cupcakes. They're delicious! And I think they're my favorite ones yet. Would you like to try it yourself? If you do, tell them Gluten Free Rocks sent you!