Friday, February 18, 2011

celiac levels down!

Hi! guess what. my celiac levels went down! first they were at 37. now they are at 16!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  only 6 away until having  normal celiac levels! but it took a long time to figure it out. first I had a blooId test. then some dumb people sent it to the wrong lab so I needed a nother blood test! after that the people said my celiac levels went up which made my mom upset because she thought that she was doing a bad job of keeping me safe. then we had to ANOTHER blood test to make sure I did not have anemia. my mommy thought there was enough blood tests going on so she decided they would do a finger prick. my doctor was so excited he decided he would do it himself. after the finger prick they decided my levels wen down. the whole family was happy. and that is the story of how they figured the levels went down to 16.Some times i wish there was a robot that could scan me and automaticaly know what would be happening in my body.