Monday, February 20, 2012

Arriety + Nasty Muffins

Today I went to see "The Secret World of Arriety" and I think it was really good because it was seeing the world from another point of view. It's about a girl who is really really small and her parents who live under a family's house in a pile of bricks that might look hollow but secretly isn't. The little people under there take only the things that we wouldn't really miss. Like a tissue or a sugar cube or a leaf. But they would only take the things they need. However when someone sees a Borrower, one of them, they have to leave. Because they cannot be seen. They think it is a dangerous. So when a boy who is staying his aunt's house spots Arriety, even though they make friends, they are forced to leave.

I've always wanted to be tiny. But now I don't want to because it seems scary. It reminded me of "Totoro and "Ponyo" because both those movies all look like they were drawn the same way. All of the animals in those movies are both cute and somewhat scary at the same time. It sort of makes me think if something not up close really looks like that in real life. Because animals are usually really cute and you don't think of them as scary because you're bigger than them. But if they're bigger than you would it be that scary?

After the movie, my mom went to the green market and got a gluten-free and vegan muffin, and we tried it after we got home. I literally spit it out into the garbage which I don't usually do because I usually eat any muffin I get chance to because, well, it's a muffin, and I like muffins. But this one was absolutely terrible. It reminded me of iron pills I take every other night. It also reminded me of sand. I think it's sort of funny because every treat I tried so far that's gluten free and vegan I haven't really liked. I don't think people who make muffins like that should sell them. If they think it tastes good they should get someone else's opinion before selling it. I wonder how many people feel like their $7 have been wasted. I bet we're not the only ones. That is why I think you should not get any muffins that are gluten-free and vegan from the greenmarket.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

The Delicious Restaurant

Sorry I haven't written in a while. But recently I went to the Pan American which is a restaurant in Manhattan in Nolita, and it serves gluten free food that is delicious! We sat in a booth in the back that was squishy. When we sat down we ordered our things and the chef came out to meet us. When we got our food, I tried the mac and cheese that I ordered and I think that it was the best in the world! It looked very cheesy.

After that we went to Pinkberry which is another gluten free place that sells frozen yogurt across the street from the Pan American. They had a delicious flavor which was peppermint, and it sort of tastes like snow with cream and mint. But they only had it in December! Other flavors are chocolate, peanut butter, mango, pomegranate and plain, [which I don't recommend.] And that is all I can remember. But there might be more. After that we went to the playground, which is across the street from Pinkberry. I thought it was really really fun. And that is why I recommend Pinkberry and Pan American.