Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Trick or treat

Yeah it's Halloween! You're so excited to go trick or treating. But when you get home you find out that most of your candy has gluten.

But what me and my mom do, is look through the candies and see if it's gluten free or not. There are different apps on your iPhone that you can download and you can look it up. If it's not gluten free you can give it to a friend because that would make your friend happy. Then if you were giving out candy on Halloween too, or your parents were, then if you have left-overs, you can get have that type of gluten free candy instead. That way you'll still get lots of candy BUT the only difference is it'll all be gluten free.

After Halloween night, you'll probably feel very tempted to eat all the candy in your basket because it's right there in front of you. What I do to keep myself away from the candy is that I pretend the candy has gluten in it. Because I do not want to eat candy with gluten in it. I do not want to hurt my body.

One time I was at a friend's house and they had lots of non-gluten free candy. They brought up one of their pieces of candy to me and said a statement of how good the candy was. That made me feel upset, angry, disappointed and sad all at the same time. But what I would do is take a deep breath and tell them that it is really yummy, but you don't have to mention that it's not gluten-free but that might make them feel a little embarrassed. Then they'll probably talk about something else.